About us

First there were 2.

Once upon a time, a Swedish man and a Scottish girl met on the enchanting island of Malta.

Two babies and 6 years later, we packed up our tiny bundles of trouble to go on an adventure.

Malta will always hold a special place in our hearts but we wanted to explore other terrain and have new experiences. We sold our house and off we went to Cyprus; looking forward to what it had to offer!

Over the past 6 years, especially after our son was born, we constantly find ourselves working to a budget.

Whether it’s food shopping, buggy buying, holidaying, Christmas, Father’s Day or simply when a child asks for a simple thing, such as a new ball, we have become experts at sniffing out the best quality goods at a reasonable price.

So, having done all this hard work and knowing most people with young children will be the same we’ve decided to pass our expertise on to you!


Are you on a Budget?

What are you looking for?

Don’t want to compromise quality?

Do you get stressed trying to source things for your family?


Let us do it for you!

Being a Budget List Family doesn’t mean going for the cheapest or most basic options, far from it. We decide on a budget we can afford, fact find and stick to it without compromising quality.

Let us do the same for you – just get in touch>>>