New-born baby essentials

When you’re pregnant and it’s getting closer to the arrival will you have a baby shower?

You might receive gifts from your cousin’s neighbour’s aunty – that you can barely remember meeting. You may also be given lists of “things you need” from your antenatal classes or caregiver – these are helpful but in our experience, you end up with so much stuff for this new baby that you hardly, sometimes never, use.

Because people are so kind they won’t mind you suggesting some things you really want or need!

Here are a few essentials that we couldn’t live without:

1. Baby Bath Support Seat. The smell of a new born baby is so delicious but sometimes 71+d78tpirL._SL1500_they’re covered in vernix (a white waxy substance, that protects the baby and keeps it warm in the womb) or sometimes blood. It’s important not to bath a baby fully in a bath until its umbilical cord falls off, to prevent infection, which can be between 7 – 14 days. Then, there is nothing more precious than that first bathing experience. I always hated the plastic baths or the plastic bath seats. I think they look hard and sore for new-borns, so when I found this, I bought it straight away. We used it for every single bath. It is amazing and machine washable and our wee water baby always seemed very comfortable.
Price: £12.95

2. Silicon nipple protectors. Breast feeding doesn’t come as easily to some women or at all, but I was fortunate enough to be able to do it for 3 months with my first kidlet and 7 months with my second, but I would not have been able to do it without these bad boys. I was so sore after the first few days I actually thought my nipples would fall off and it was baby daddy that found these, and they are just amazing. I used them every second feed and it just gave my poor nipnips a well-deserved break and protected them from the milk monsters. They are durable, easy to wear, easy to wash and they can be sterilised too.
Price: £8

Baby+Carriers3. Baby carrier. Universal problem to note – babies don’t like to be on their own for the first few weeks. They like to be as close to their mother or father as often as possible – pretty much 24/7. Which makes it hard to get things done. I took a double-edged approach; some days I would just sit and watch Netfix, whilst eating and nursing ALL DAY! On other days I’d wear the baby in a carrier to get out and about or do some chores. These cubs have been in mummy bear’s belly for 9 months, so transition will take time. Wearing this carrier will encourage closeness, which allows them to still hear your heartbeat, still enjoy the closeness and essence of their mummy. We are so glad we opted for the Mama’s & Papa’s BabyBjorn Mini. It was easy to put on, comfortable and feels very secure.
Price: £79.99

4. Comfortable chair – Kub Haywood Reclining Glider Nursing Chair and Footstool. My first experience of nursing and comforting was not great. We tried to make do with 236086917alt2propping ourselves up in bed, finding a cosy spot on the sofa or armchair but it was tough. We both had backache, sore knees, sore necks and it cost us a lot in massages treatments to fix the damage. When our little lady was due, we made sure we invested in a good chair. What a difference! It was amazing. I even slept on it a few times before she was born because I found it hard to get comfortable in bed.
Price: £200

5. How easy is it to get clothes on the little wrigglers? Some of the clothes I received as gifts were absolutely gorgeous but, my goodness, you needed a college degree to put them on and that’s not a challenge you want at 3am on a Wednesday morning when your baby does a no.2! The last thing you need is to pop 3,000 buttons on baby jammies. We became (and still are) huge fans of joggers or pull-on trousers or zippers. They are so easy to get on and off – and believe me you will do a lot jammies.jpg
of changing in the first few months, so make things easy for yourself. Here are some of our favourites:
Mama’s & Papa’s, price £14 – CLICK HERE>>>
John Lewis, price £17 – CLICK HERE>>>

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