A day out in Limassol, Cyprus, with the family.

In this article I’m going to share with you a lovely, whole day excursion with the family to Limassol municipal gardens, in Cyprus. We make this trip at least once a month. OurIMG_1401 children absolutely love running around, crawling and rolling on the lush, green grass. The park is very well maintained and there are plenty of trees to give shade on the hot, sunny, balmy summer days. There are also beautiful flowers, benches and picnic areas for you to enjoy.

The park offers three large play area to suit children of all ages. We usually take our own picnic and sit on the grass to eat but there is a café in the park if you would like some drinks or snacks. Note; the beach is also a short walk from the park if you fancied eating at one of the many beach front restaurants or cafes.

The activities in the park don’t stop at playparks, there’s also an amazing zoo to entertain the whole family for hours with owls, turtles, crocodiles, bats, monkey’s, even a hippo!

There is even an educational department to teaching children and adults a about different type of reptile species. Check the website for these lessons.

My rascals love to ride the train but it circles the park every 20 minutes and costs 2 euros per person. Although it’s very good value for money, and it breaks up the day, I try to leave this until as late as possible or they would want to be on and off all the time and this could prove expensive. I pretend it might make a mistake and take us home so they don’t mind waiting until later.

You can easily spend all day in this magical park and being from Sweden and Scotland the greenery and freedom this gives is invaluable for fresh air and vigorous play in order to tire our babies out and give them a good appetite.

This is a truly wonderful day out at very little cost and suits any age group depending on the activities you choose for each age group. We have never driven home once from here without the children falling asleep the minute we begin the journey home so it’s a win win!

The park entry is free! 

Zoo ticket prices IMG_3160
Adults – €5.00
Children (5-15 years old) – €2.00
Children (up to 5 years old) – free of charge
Pensioners, Students and Soldiers – €3.00
People with disabilities – free of charge
People with special needs – free of charge
Family package (2 adults + 2 children) – €12.00
Every additional child – €1.00

See more information on the zoo here: CLICK HERE>>>

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