A baby’s first birthday

I am a huge fan of a birthday celebrations, I, myself, have been known to have a birthday month (greedy I know).

It’s so much fun to go out for dinner, celebrate with friends and family, maybe a short-break or a few nights away, treat yourself or indulge in sweet treats.

However, when you are a baby, or have a baby of your own, it’s a little bit different. I get melancholy around the birthdays of my tiny humans

I start to look at photos of the time they were born and look forward to the time when they understand the importance of these milestones in their lives. They don’t really recognise the significance of the day and we never really go over the top with gifts. We mostly buy or suggest things they need.

As a couple, we celebrate surviving another year – especially after the first year!

Here are some typical gifts we have bought for the babies’ first birthday’s:

1. Shoes. As we’ve always lived in a hot country we’ve never been one for shoes on soft, IMG_1584developing feet. We’ve always bought them their first pair of proper shoes for their first birthday. When babies are learning to walk or finding their balance, it is much better and safer for them to feel the terrine and become steady with their bare feet or socks. Having shoes on a baby can hinder their ability to move around as freely.

For their first pair we’ve always gone for something with quite a soft shoe with either velcro, or pull-on. These Adidas velcro trainers are perfect. Easy to put on, machine washable and our little lady loves them.

Price: £22-30

2. Swimwear. We’ve always lived near water, so it’s important for us that our bambinos are familiar and feel safe near and in the water. We start with paddling to get used to the 71TfzIw6qEL._SL1500_feel but have started swimming lessons by the time they are a year old. It’s very important to buy swimwear which has UV protection and is comfortable to wear in extreme heat. It helps if you buy these a size bigger

In saying this, most times after a day at the beach, our little water babies usually end up with just a nappy and hat on. Lots of swimwear look lovely but aren’t practical for changing nappies.

This is what we use for the beach and swimming lessons:

Price: £15

6449OS100_1.jpg3. Rocking (horse) cataleptic. Re-gifting or hand-me-downs are great if they have been put out of sight for a while. Out little girl isn’t walking yet but is loving a seesaw her brother had at her age. If you buy beautiful, colourful timeless pieces they are not an eyesore around the home either.

Price: £49

4. Baby tunnel. The strangest things entertain small minds. These baby tunnels give 81x3judyMXL._SL1500_endless hours of fun and they DON’T make noise! PARENT TIP: Try and postpone noisy gifts for as long as possible. They are safe, fun and can be used indoors and outdoors. They fold into nothing. This caterpillar tunnel is cool and is in keeping our 1st birthday gift theme.

Price: £16

5. Comfortable, easy to clean clothes. 1 year olds, DO, NOT, STOP. EVER! They are up, they are down, then up, then down again. They want to touch everything and explore, which is wonderful….. but this means dirty clothes. Clothes that are comfortable, easy to wash and get on and off are perfect. We go for joggers, leggings, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, nothing too fancy that you don’t want to get ruined.

NEXT kids wear has very durable clothing, that washes well, time and time again.

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