Gifts for new mums

When you’re a new mum that last thing you think about is yourself but your visitors will not come empty handed. Your new bundle of joy will be receiving all sorts of new gifts, but let’s focus on something special for mum?

Here are a few gift ideas for new mums:

1. Pajamas/lounge wear. As a new mum, you will and should spend a lot of time at DP17228215_M_1home, if not months and you will have a lot of visitors, so why not treat mum to some lounge wear or jammies. Something that’s cotton or cashmere, washes easily and is comfortable – not to mention easy boob access if the mum is nursing. There are some very stylish, comfortable lounge wear items, this jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins is a comfortable, boob assess-able dream:
Price: £30
Click here to view>>>

2. Healthy food or hamper. Nap when the baby naps, but when do you eat? When I first had my son eating was waaaay down my list of things to do. I just kept forgetting about it. It made me so weak and without family around it was difficult to go shopping and cook. Healthy snacks, fruit, nuts, cake, tins of soup, a tray of lasagna, cottage pie, cooked chicken, are all the perfect gifts for a new mum. Why don’t you do a small food order from Tesco, Asda or M&S and get it delivered to the mums house? As a mum of 2 young babies, this would be a very helpful and thoughtful gift.

3. Affirmation cards. No new mum really understands how hard the first few weeks are until they are living them and sometimes all you need is a little encouragement. Something to tell you, you’re doing a ‘great job’. I found affirmation cards a wonderful support when I was having a blue day, or just needed a boost.
There are so many to choose from but these are one of our favourites
Price: £10

4. Spa or massage voucher. A new mum won’t use this or appreciate it for a while, but after a few months new mums will and can become very sore from holding their baby, regardless of weather they are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a new mum’s body isn’t use to being in certain positions. They will become sore and tense. A nice massage or spa trip will adjust this and give mummy bear some ‘me time’.

5. Shower or bath. When you visit a new mum, the best and easiest gift you can give is  taking care of her baby for an hour or so, (obviously plan the feeds around this) so she can have a shower or a bath. Take the baby a walk or just tell the mum to scram, and let her have a few hours to chill. Make sure she doesn’t disappear to do a washing or dishes though, the gift should be time for her to relax and not worry.

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