Top 5 tips for travelling with small kids

Being a very international family (Scottish, Swedish, Italian, Iranian, lived in Malta and now Cyprus) we are very well travelled. The kids have travelled from a very young age. So we are very lucky that they are use to flying 6 or more times a year. However, just because they are use to it does not mean it is always easy. As parents you need to have a plan and ‘armour’ when travelling with kids. This blog is based on travelling on a airplane but I am sure they would work for long car journeys, trains or buses.

1. Tablet! My son doesn’t get a tablet so often; mostly when traveling, sometimes

My son with a very helpful air-steward

dining out or on rough days (you know the ones….). He plays puzzles and letter / numbers games and we download a few movies or cartoons when we have a long tip. We got him the Amazon Fire 7. It is very basic but will do him a few years. We also got him a smash proof rubber cover.
Tablet price: £49.99 CLICK HERE to view
Cover price: £9 CLICK HERE>>>

2. Snacks. Lots and lots of snack. We are very fortunate, our kids are great eaters, they always have been. When travelling I always make sure I have loads of things for them to nibble on (whilst they’re playing on their table 😉 ).
Some of the things we pack:
Non messy, non smelly sandwiches – butter, cheese, ham
Cereal or date bars
Puff crisps – we found normal crisps quite messy
Crackers or rice crackers
Cheese sticks
Pasta salads
Nuts, seeds raisin mix
We try and avoid things that have too much sugar so they don’t get hyper or things that are too messy.
Price: we normally spend about €10-20 and make sure we have plenty.

First time travelling alone with 2 kids – it was fine.

3. Airport assistance. This is something people do not use enough. It is an amazing service and every airport offers it. A few times when I have been travelling alone, or we’ve had 2 kids a A LOT of luggage we have called ahead to the airport and organised assistance. They wait for you outside, help you to check-in, and stay with you until you board (if you need that). The assistant has always been so kind and helpful. I cannot praise this service enough.
Price: It has never cost us anything and we have used it at 3 different airports, (I always tip the assistant £5 for the help). I would gladly pay £20-£30 for this service, when you’re travelling with kids and feeling a bit stressed, it is worth every penny.

4. Always try and sit near the back or the front. When flying I much prefer the back; you’re near the toilets in case one of the kids has an accident, away from most of the people, no one can see if things kick off with the kids. Also, we have a kid who suffers from travel sickness so sitting near the back creates less of a fuss.
Price: On most airlines you have to reserve your seat and this comes at a cost of £6-24 depending on the airline.

Airport selfie and the snack are always on the go.

5. Take your time, don’t let anyone put you under any pressure and ASK FOR HELP. Don’t struggle on your own. I find that people are always happy to help. If you need a bag carried, help with a buggy, help carrying a bag, someone to hold a kid for a few minutes. I always seek out older ladies who I have seen smiling at my kids and befriend them. Always!
Kindness is priceless.

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