Prams and pushchairs

We know how important it is to find a comfortable, durable and hopefully lovely push chair, without draining our pockets.

We have during the years used 5 different pushchair/prams and borrowed a couple when travelling to Scotland or Sweden.

Below are 5 recommendations from The Budget List Family:

1. Maclaren Triumphs; this has been a fantastic stroller for us and has been used daily for over 3 years, as you can see from the picture. It’s very easy to wash and it’s about due a bit of a freshen up. We love the extendable hood, because we have always lived in a sunny country, it’s great for when the kids go for a nap. The covers and hood is USF50+ protected.
Price: £175
img_0657CLICK HERE>>>

2. GB pockit lightweight stroller; we borrowed this stroller from a friend for almost 1 month when we were on holiday in Scotland. It’s was brilliant, so convenient, easy to folds down to almost nothing – to 11.8 inches; x 7 inches x 13.8 inches and a weight of 9.5 pounds.
Price: £142

3. Ickle bubba stroller, is the stroller that we have been using for almost 1 year with our img_7280daughter.

It’s a beautiful looking pram with a secret peekaboo window at the top of the hood for you to spy through. This buggy can be used form birth and it will definitely impress the other mums, dads and carers in the schoolyard.

4. Cosatto Supa Baby Stroller, This is a bit more FUN! Suitable from Birth to 25 kg, Dino Mighty. My son was 3, when I has to borrow this from a friend for a few days in Scotland, as I 61g0jmsoagl._sl1000_thought I could trust him to walk but you can’t trust a 3 year old to do much. At first I was embarrassed, but my son absolutely loved it and it was so light and easy to manoeuvre for me. This is a head turner for sure and who doesn’t love a dinosaur, right?
Price: £179

5. Emmaljunga’s Strollers and prams are of the highest quality. Sebastian borrowed one when he was in Sweden in November 2017. As he was travelling solo, with a 2 year old it was better to carry as little as possible. This buggy was perfect for the cold weather, as it had an extra cosy-toe and it was great to get on and off public transport. Because of its price we might not have considered buying this pram but after borrowing it, Sebastian couldn’t speak any more highly of it. You can add additional gadgets and accessories and make it really personal for you and your family’s needs.

A well-built, classic, high quality pram – made in Sweden
Price: €694.00

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